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Kefalonia, Kefallonia, Cephalonia, Kephalonia, Cefalonia, Kefalinia or Kefallinia

Kefalonia is spelled differently by most people. The main cause of this is that Kefalonia has had many different conquerors in its past. The most common way of spelling the island's name the last years is Kefalonia, although the Greeks themselves spell it often with two l's. Kefalonia, which is part of the 'Eptanisa' (Seven Islands), or commonly known as the Ionian Islands is situated about 30 miles off the west coast of mainland Greece. Kefalonia's beautiful sceneries are simply breathtaking. From the green mountains and their beautiful valleys to the idyllic bays and their beaches, you will experience a feeling of serenity that is very hard to find nowadays. Kefalonia is still virtually untouched by mass-tourism, which has altered many other tourist destinations around the world.

Kefalonia...the island full of contrasts.

Kefalonia's beautiful bays & beaches

Kefalonia Myrtos Bay All the bays and beaches on Kefalonia have their own distinct beauty. Some have rough barren terrain and cliffs behind them and others have olive trees as far as the eye can reach. The most beautiful beach and most photographed on Kefalonia is undoubtedly Myrtos Beach which is shown here on the right and on top of this page. Flanked by white limestone cliffs and carpeted in white sand, Myrtos beach is consistently voted by travel magazines and tourists as one of the most beautiful in the world and has won many awards throughout the years for its beauty. Locally in Greece, it has been voted the number one most beautiful Greek beach throughout the last decade. Despite all these breathtaking bays and beaches, the beautiful mountains and valleys and the unique fauna, Kefalonia island has avoided the mass-tourism influx and has succeeded in keeping its tranquility and beauty.

Kefalonia - Rich with Ancient History

Kefalonia island is supposed to owns its name from Kephalos who was the first king of the area, during the Palaeolithic era. According to the locals, this king founded the four main cities of the island which were Sami, Pahli, Krani and Pronnoi, named after his sons. This explains why the island was called Tetrapolis (Four Towns) during this period. Those four cities were autonomous and independent and they had their own regimes and coins. All cities were built for strategic and agricultural reasons. If you are interested in Kefalonia's history you can visit the Kefalonian history page on this site. When visiting Kefalonia you can imagine how it must have been like many centuries ago, since not a lot has changed on most parts of the island. This is how Louis de Bernieres found his inspiration to write his famous novel 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', which has also been filmed in Kefalonia in the summer of 2000.

Kefalonia Agia Kyriaki Bay

Ideal for singles, couples and families

Kefalonia (Cephalonia) is therefore the perfect holiday destination for single, couples, families and for the newly wed on their honeymoon. Having experienced the beautiful surroundings, the lovely climate and the traditional Kefalonian hospitality, it will make this idyllic island difficult to depart from. Most visitors that have been to Kefalonia (Cephalonia) once, have returned many times throughout the years, simply because there are very few places in the world left like this picturesque and hospitable island.

We had the honor at Kefalonia Travel to accommodate most of the directors, some of the actors, the executive film crew and the special effects team of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. The preparation of the film and actual filming of the movie took around seven months, during which we took care of all our guests in the way which was expected from us. Our luxurious & relaxing suites and rooms where the perfect answer to the hard working film crew throughout the whole summer. Our suites and rooms have all the facilities to unwind from an energetic and busy day. Once again, we feel honored to have been chosen to accommodate the stars in Kefalonia and we certainly strive in the future to maintain and improve our dedicated services towards our valued guests.

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Our family run business, which is based on the seafront of Agia Efimia, gives you a very personal service throughout your holiday in Kefalonia. At our office on the seafront of Agia Efimia which is open everyday from early morning until late in the evening, you are very welcome to come in and sit in our comfortable reception area with a cup of tea or coffee. It will be our pleasure to answer any of your queries and we will assist you with anything additional you might require throughout your holiday in Kefalonia.

Kefalonia Travel has been officially approved by the Greek National Tourist Organization (E.O.T) assuring you security, high standards of service & accommodation, and that all health and safety requirements have been met.

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